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About us

The PlayThing adventure begins with a seemingly innocuous admission: sex is fun. So it follows that sex toys should be pretty fun also. Does that sound like your last visit to a sex toy store? Ours neither….

We say BE GONE murky, seedy sex toy stores. Let’s lighten the mood together, discover new experiences, share what we feel comfortable sharing and ultimately focus on your own personal journey.

We aren’t in the business of changing peoples attitudes towards sex toys, we are in the business of encouraging you to experience the pleasure of using one for yourself. We have a feeling that if enough people took us up on our proposal, attitudes would change REAL quick after that – if you catch our drift!

Sexual Empowerment. A Superpower?

The term sexual empowerment almost sounds like you have to be a superhero to enjoy sex. If it all sounds a little too complicated why not help us find a simpler way?  

Let’s start with the basics. Pick out a sex toy which lights your fire, discover how it contributes to your sexual experience and even share the fun with someone special. Now that’s a superpower we can get behind (or on top of). 

Body positive means body safe

All products must be body positive, respectful of other people and pleasure focused. For women and men, there are quite literally no reasons not to explore their sensuality with sex toys.
That also means no cheapies allowed. Too many stores supply cheap toys made from toxic materials that shouldn’t be going anywhere near your intimates. We choose our products carefully, including testing rigorously (over and over and over again) to ensure they are fun and just as importantly made of lifelike, safe and hygienic materials that keep our customers satisfied and safe.

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