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Please Orgasm Responsibly

Adult Sex Toys Shop & store Online in NZ

We’re not sure if multiple orgasms change lives, but there’s no harm in trying.

We chat about real stuff.

Selling sex toys is one hell of an ice breaker for a bigger conversation.
Hi, we’re Plaything. Let’s start chatting about sex. We’ll help each other get the most out of our sex lives and dispel a few myths along the way.

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It’s a sex toy, not a marriage.

Leave commitment for other things

That’s right.
You’ve got 100 days of play to experiment with your adult toys, and if you don’t like your Plaything, you can send it back and get store credit to try something else from our overly committed sex store. If it’s really not your thing, let’s talk refunds. We’ll wager you might just want to commit, though…

Being healthy is sexy. Let’s keep it that way.

At Plaything, our adult toys are made with more than your pleasure in mind and we choose our products carefully. Not only do we test them rigorously (over and over again) to only choose the ones that deliver orgasmic results, we also make sure they are made of high quality, safe and hygienic materials.
All of our adult shop toys are encased in non-porous silicone, which means you can put them where the sun don’t shine with confidence. That means no toxic materials like TPR/TPE & latex, vinyl, phthalates, jelly rubber or PVC are anywhere in our products. We’re an adult toys sex store with a conscience – that’s hot. 

We want to satisfy you completely.

Like any good relationship, the satisfaction of both parties is key. This is why we welcome any honest feedback or concerns. We run an adult shop, so it seems only right that we can take criticism like adults. We want you to be 100% satisfied with your sex toy, so tell us if there’s something we could be doing better. 

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Why Sex Toys?

The real question should be: Why NOT sex toys?

Why can buying sex toys feel so, well, unsexy? It can make us feel shady or sleazy because of years of sex-shaming in our society, but it should feel natural, fun and a little bit naughty. As a sex positive adult store, we want to banish those negative thoughts forever and save your day one orgasm at a time – one sex toy at a time. Plaything is here to provide an outlet for people to explore sex toys and their benefits without feeling awkward or embarrassed. We even send your sex toys in NZ to you in completely anonymous packaging (even if your roomie has to sign for it, they won’t know a thing…unless you want them to). Instead of spending time trying to convince everyone else that enjoying fulfilling sex is healthy, we want to provide the best sex toys to help you discover that for yourself, and a platform to share your positive stories of getting off so that others can get the confidence to do so, too.
After all, 628,869* people are doing the deed worldwide right now. That’s a pretty good indication that it’s normal. *rough backdoor calculation we got from a really reliable source online…

Questions no one asked ever

(unless you’re like us)

I mean, we keep trying, and we haven’t been defeated yet. The answer is no, too many sex toy orgasms can not kill you –  unless you refuse water and food to masturbate furiously for days on end (and even then, it’s not the sex toy’s fault, is it?) If you want to join our quest for trying to set orgasm records, then hop over to our sex shop sections and pick yourself up the weapon of choice. Remember to hydrate. 

Unclear. We really LIKE sex toys, so we might be a bit biased. If you are worried about your body becoming accustomed to a particular type of stimulus we recommend taking a break or switching it up a bit. Our sex toys come with multiple modes so we got you covered on that last part. What we do know is that orgasms are good for you, in fact, they are scientifically proven to make you feel happier, boost your immunity, help you sleep better among other amazing things. Sounds like a pretty good reason to find your thing.

You flirt. We can definitely vouch that all of our sex shop staff have sexy minds and bring something valuable to the table. It’s like the age-old adage goes; how to get a sexy body? Step 1: Have a body. Step 2: Refer to step 1.

Not if they’re cool…(the person, we mean.) To pretend like you didn’t have sexual tastes or a sex toy collection before they appeared is a bit random, and not at all realistic. You don’t have to sit them down and introduce your sex toys to your new flame over dinner or anything. The right person will be open to your preferences, as long as the toys don’t get more attention than they do…of course.

If shopping in-store just isn’t your thing, then you’re in the right place. You can buy sex toys in Nz online completely anonymously with discreet packaging. Jump over to our product pages, pick the stuff you like, send it all to your cart and wham – that buy now button. We don’t stock any old cheap stuff, we experimented on ourselves until we found the best sex toys in NZ for our customers to enjoy as much as we do!
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