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Moon bender

The vibrating butt plug that blows other sex toys out of the water.


R18 toy play is fun. Remote Control toy play is better. If you’re after a butt plug vibrator for sale, oh boy, do we have the one for you. With very little effort on your part, you can switch your speeds and modes and make The Moon Bender one of your favourite adult sex toys, beaming you up to places you haven’t been before. You can play alone with your favourite butt plugs…or you can hand the remote control over your partner and let them call the shots. You know the saying. With great power…

moon bender - butt plug - anal toys nz

Body Safe Silicone

Whisper Quiet

USB Rechargeable

10 Pleasure Settings


USB Rechargeable (USB wire included) | 5V USB | 90min full charge | Battery: 300mAh | User time: 60min

ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), Silicone

10 different vibration modes

125x80mm | Weight: 82g

moon bender - butt plug - anal toys nz

What is the prostate gland,

The prostate gland exclusively exists in the rectum of penis-wielding citizens (sorry, ladies), and is about the size of a walnut – perfect size for a prostate massage and the resulting sensations. The prostate gland (or p spot) is located between the testicles and the rectum, in that soft, squishy part of the taint along the front wall. Imagine the ‘come hither’ gesture with your finger when facing the receiver, that’s how you find it. You can stimulate it internally or externally, but stimulating the prostate happens best internally with the use of a prostate massager.

The dos and don'ts of safe anal play

So,  you want to get a bit closer to your butt – great! Now what? Anal play is epic, but there are some ground rules you have to observe to keep your butt health, and that of your partner, squeaky clean. Anal penetration comes with many benefits, but it can be rife with nerves if you’re new to it. Since you’re out shopping for a butt plug vibrator for sale, we feel it’s safe to assume this info might be useful for you. Poop is not sexy, so here’s how to avoid an awkward conversation and even more awkward showers.  

you should take a shower – and if possible, use the toilet. Clear that bad boy out. If you’re really worried about poop while taking part in prostate stimulation, then try an anal douching kit or even an enema before diving in. (The more you take part in anal play, the easier all this gets).

This is not optional. Going in dry is uncomfortable at best and painful at worst and can lead to tears (both the eye kind and the butt kind).

If you are sharing the vibrating butt plug between two people, you should use a fresh condom on it every time. Bacteria live in your butt, and you don’t want to share it around. Also, STIs are no fun.

If you are switching the vibrating butt plug between other holes, like between a vagina and anus – the same rule applies – use a fresh condom every time. The bacteria that live in your anus will wreak havoc on a vagina, which regulates itself. Don’t mess with nature, team.

Go slow while massaging the prostate, especially when you’re new to it and listen to your partner if they’ve given you the power. Communicate how you feel and where feels right, because we all know there’s no map that comes with your anus. How fun would that be, though?


Yes, lube. You can’t go near your fragile butthole (or that of your partner) without a healthy dollop of lube to ease the way in and avoid uncomfortable friction from your prostate massager. Your butt and this butt plug vibrator for sale will not self lubricate – so you have to help them along with water-based lubrication. Lube allows you to insert fingers, vibrating butt plugs and other sex toys or limbs into your rectum and create some stimulation or engage in anal sex.

moon bender - butt plug - anal toys nz

Body Safe Materials to Keeps Your Bits Safe

We take special care in selecting only the top-shelf sex toys that are made with body-safe, medical-grade and flexible materials. You’re putting this thing inside your body, so we think it’s pretty important to know it’s made of nice things and nothing toxic. Easy to wash with a silky smooth slide on it, silicone and ABS materials make your anal vibrator a trustworthy tool. With its spread handle designed to stay on the outside of your body, there’s no chance this toy can get lost in your anal cavity – so you can play with confidence no matter how deep you go. When it comes to a butt plug vibrator for sale, this one is definitely one of the squeaky cleanest. 

Ya know what, a Vibrating butt plug might not be my vibe.

If you’ve tried it out and our anal vibrator is not your favourite thing – then don’t banish it to the darkest parts of your top drawer. Send it back to us within 100 days and we’ll let you pick something else that does float your boat. While we hope your journey into anal play is great – we know that it’s not for everyone. Clean your butt plug up and send it on back.

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