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Why sex toys for men need a moment in the sun

We hear about girls and their sex toys all the time. But what about a guy’s sexual tool kit? Male sex toys come in a huge variety, for all different tastes, creeds and sizes and should be celebrated (and normalised) just the same as the not-so-secret lady vibrator. We all want to get off and actually enjoy sexual release a real sex buddy can’t provide all the time. So let’s set you up with a quality toolkit at home that means you can, whenever you want, however you want. You are so welcome. 

BUTT STUFF. Yeah, we said it.

We could say this thing will send you to a multicoloured transcendence of otherworldly pleasure that both scares and delights you, ultimately making you wake up a different man. But we won’t. That sounds a bit ‘50 shades of no thanks’. What we will say is that a female vibrator can help you get off, pretty dang well, too. Vibrators are crazy popular because they can do something that no living alternative can – vibrate! Get where we’re going with this…humans don’t vibrate. At least, we hope they don’t.


We think quality over quantity applies to male sex toys just as much as any other product. We did our research and found the most popular, well-built tools that every guy should experience at least once in his life. Every item we add to our collection, we promise, will live up to the high standards we’ve set from the first generation. The goal? To set you up with your complete tool kit so that your sexual needs are taken care of, your way, every day.