‘Cos couples that play together, stay together.

We know what you are thinking, sex toys are for single people or for when your SO is out of town. But couples toy play is the unsung hero of relationships, bringing you closer together by sharing your “thing”. 
We’ve arranged the best sex toys for couples to be part of our first generation of toys and will be adding loads more to our offerings as we learn more about what OUR customers want. While you can use any of our range in a couple’s setting, these products are designed specifically in mind for couples play. 

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Moon bender
The Vibrating Butt Plug.
remote vibrator - the shari - couple sex toys nz
The Shari
Remote-Controlled R18 Party In Your Pants, Coming Right Up.


We are confused by this question. The best remote control sex toys allow for your partner to hold the reins on your levels of pleasure, which is exciting and a bit of fun. Unless they’re a total asshat, your partner will enjoy reading your reactions and dialing up or down to suit you. Thrilling, and a bit naughty!
Like any game where you are giving up control to another person when you are playing with remote sex toys for couples be sure you are with someone you trust, and always have a safe word or signal – we like the word stop.


There is something so satisfying about masturbation, like, every single time. And you know that moment when you are in full flight with your solo sex toy and you think to yourself if only some hot person would come in and finish the job for me? Well, the best couples’ sex toys are here to bring that fantasy into reality. All of these toys are great additions to your couples sex sessions, and if you want to practice a lot by yourself first, then you are going to be a smart director when you slip your couples sex toy out from under the sheets to surprise your honey. While you want to be spontaneous, communication is also super hot, so we recommend you slide your new couples sex toy into conversation before you slide it between his legs.


Blow jobs are kind of the holy grail for most people, there is nothing like that kiss that slides on down, and when your partner likes giving it as much as you like receiving it, well that’s a match made in heaven. When it comes to sucking shaft, everyone has a different degree of difficulty when it comes to working the room. Some people seem to have a detachable jaw, and some shafts are easier to swallow. If you are struggling to work the room, you are in luck, the best new couples sex toy to help you fellate your fella just showed up ready to slide into the action.


If you’re planning on sharing your toys, for example, you’re both intending to use the same couple’s sex toys in the same session across different openings belonging to you and your partner, it’s best to do so safely. Sharing bacteria between the anus and vagina is a big no-no, so consider using a clean condom on the toy every time you use it in a different hole. It takes twenty seconds to change a condom, it can take weeks to get over a nasty bacterial infection (or if it’s a particularly bad STD, you may never get rid of it). Cleanliness is sexy.