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When it comes to all things sex, we’re an open book. There’s nothing you can’t ask us (honestly we’re bomb proof), so fire away. We’ve got you covered…stimulated…and stupendously satisfied. Burning questions and burning needs. Have a browse of these FAQ’s about caring for your products, handy shopping info and product what-nots. And, if you still have any queries about your Plaything pleasure items, feel free to zap those through to us for a super speedy and oh, so satisfying answer.

General FAQ’S

Plaything offers our fun-loving gals and guys something for everyone. We want to provide the best sex toys to help you discover what gets you going, which is why we suggest you browse our entertaining, educational and extra tantalising product pages to see what raises your pulse. Whether it’s for him, her or couples – there’s bound to be a sex toy (or multiple sex toys) that seriously has you wondering how you ever lived without it!

For a truly memorable and mind-blowing experience, we recommend you download our handy manuals (downloadable on every product page), simply follow the instructions (and other helpful hints ‘n tips elsewhere on our website), and then get really playful by experimenting till you find your gimme-more-of-that groove!

Quality is our priority. Our toys are made from the highest grade of body-safe materials. That means they are safe to use in and around your body. Whoop whoop!  

We’re all about safe and responsible use, so care and cleaning feature pretty high up on our list of Must Do’s with our flexible little friends.

Keep your sex toys hygienic and expertly looked after. Once you are finished playing with your sex toy, it’s time to give it a wash. Rinse the toy first with warm clean water, do not use soap. Soaps can rub the coating off of your sex toy and quickly cause it to deteriorate. Rinsing the toys thoroughly of any semen and anything else is very important. If you want to use soap, buy a specialised sex toy soap or spray (always read the labels and do your research – not every soap is safe for silicone products.) Once rinsed and patted dry, you need to let your sex toy air dry fully. On a paper towel, non-shedding material, somewhere with airflow – a bathroom sink top or windowsill should do fine. Do not pack away wet sex toys; they will grow mould and bacteria and become dangerous to your health. 

How do you throw away a vibrator, anyway? Believe it or not, we will pay you $20* to send us your used sex toys.


  1. Sterilise the electronic, glass, or metal Plaything sex toy you want to recycle.
  2. Place it in a sealed up zip-lock bag (don’t worry – we recycle these, too).
  3. Put the zip lock bag into a courier bag with your email address written clearly inside the parcel so we know who to send the discount to.
  4. Seal the courier bag, write your order number on it, and send it to:

107 Colonial Drive, Silverdale
Auckland 0932
New Zealand

  1. Await your $20 Plaything voucher, arriving via email, once we’ve checked that you haven’t sent us something weirder than a sex toy. 
  2. Reward yourself for being responsible with a little something.

Shopping FAQs

We totally value your privacy and discretion. Your package will be suitably nondescript, without any glaringly obvious “Here’s Your Vibrator” type of bumph emblazoned on it. However, due to certain regulations the waybill label may contain written information about the sender (which will be in teeny tiny print, we promise). In other words – your nosy neighbour has no way of knowing whether your parcel contains a veggie peeler or a vibrator! 

To safeguard your security, Plaything does not store any credit card details. Online purchase transactions will be charged to your credit card at the time you submit your order. However, the transaction will only ever be put through after we have verified your card details, received credit authorization, and confirmed stock availability. We will send you an email if we are unable to complete your order for any reason.

Plaything accepts the following forms of payment for online purchases: Visa, Maestro, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, Alipay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Microsoft Pay, Click to Pay, WeChat Pay, Afterpay

You’ll need your order number to do so, please refer to packaging or email received when purchased. Fill up the form here: Register 

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